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What a blessing Master’s Touch has been to our son with autism! Within a couple of months, Samuel has gone from a young man who was very nervous to even go near a horse to a young man who races to his friend, Buddy, to brush him, put on the saddle and ride independently on the trail! Sam even overcomes his huge sensory aversions to hold a treat out for Buddy at the end of the ride. His posture and balance are greatly improved but the most wonderful benefit of Master’s Touch therapy is the pure joy on Sam’s face as he anticipates his session, during his session and for the rest of the day after his session! We need to do this every day! Thank you, Ms. Makayla for your patience, perseverance, and love!


Leah Barnett


Sam & Buddy

We were so excited to find Master's Touch! We called around to several places and were either met with unfriendly people or no replies. Makayla is so kind and patient with her students. They have made the area around the barn so much fun while you are waiting for your kids to finish their

lessons. I love playing with the goats myself!  You'll love the horses, animals, and people you find at Master's Touch!


Amber Vickers


Laney & Captain
carey and memphis.jpg

I don't like it, I love it because everyone is so friendly. It allowed a shy little girl like me to gain my voice and fall in love with horses in the process. I have gained lots of two and four legged friends in the two years I have been riding at Master's Touch. I want to be just like Ms. Makayla when I grow up. She cares for horses and people.


Carey Rauton


Carey & Memphis

Master’s Touch has been the best experience for my girls. In fact, it’s been good for the whole family! I discovered this hidden gem when a friend kept insisting I take my daughter, who was dealing with some anxiety issues at the time, for a stress free riding environment and also be under the care of a loving and very patient instructor. I was so impressed the first day we arrived. I cannot express into words the feeling I felt that day. Without a doubt, by the time the first lesson was over, I knew MT was the place for us! My other daughter, who recently had hip surgery, started a while later with hip therapy on the horse. She continues that path today following another hip surgery. Here we are almost two years later and my girl with anxiety has made major improvements and is now on the Varsity Drill Team! Makayla is amazing and my family adores her! She is very sweet and has a gift of seeing the hidden potential and doesn’t let my girls slide until the goal is achieved. Both of them enjoy spending their days volunteering when possible and/or when Makayla needs them for a specific project. I just enjoy hanging out there, listening to the tranquil wind chimes, talking with the other parents and walking the trails on pretty days. It is by far one of my favorite places to be!

Sandy Dial

Sarah & Savannah

Savannah & Buddy and Sarah & Captain

Master's Touch has been such an incredible blessing to our family! Our 11-year-old daughter takes western riding lessons and participates on drill team.  Makayla has been a wonderful instructor, and our daughter has learned so much!  She says she feels like she has finally "found her thing," and we have loved seeing her enthusiasm for developing her horsemanship skills and learning more about horses!  Our entire family enjoys spending time at the Master's Touch farm - the setting is so beautiful and serene, the staff/volunteers obviously love what they are doing, and the horses and other animals are just precious!  All of our children (and their Mom) look forward to lesson days at the farm, and we are so thankful to have found Master's Touch!


Mollie Broadnax  


Evie & Sheniah
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