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This program provides for children (5+) and adults with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The lesson time is divided to include grooming and tacking, basic riding and sensory activities

Recreational Riding


Private & Group Riding Lessons

Our private and group riding lessons are open to any age student and focus on teaching beginner riders basic to intermediate horse knowledge and riding skills.

Small Spurs

This is a jump start program for children 5 and under. The riding sessions focus on improving brain developmental, sensory stimulation and motor skills. These sessions help children with developmental delays as well as children who want to get a head start.


Silver Spurs

These lessons are recreational riding sessions for ages 65+ to improve balance, coordination, memory, daily life skills, overall mood and more.

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Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning is primarily a non-riding program that incorporates equine activities such as grooming, leading, and groundwork to help improve life skills through interactions with equine. The sessions focus on the client's individual, self-explorative learning by first creating the experience, processing it, and then applying those interactions in everyday life.


Skills for LIFE Program

Special needs participants will learn how to care for a horse, and do activities to help with organization, life skill, and communication. Once this class has been taken students will have the chance to become Certified LIFE Volunteers which will allow them to help at special events with tasks that include greeting customers, grooming horses, and setting up for holiday events, field trips and other fun farm events!



Vaulting is a combination of gymnastics and dance on horseback. This sport improves riders seat, rhythm, balance, coordination, horsemanship skills and overall confidence.


Drill Team

Drill team is a group of horses and riders performing synchronized maneuvers to music. The teams are intended to entertain, show sportsmanship, horsemanship, teamwork and dedication.


Recreational Driving

The sessions are created for children and adults who struggle with physical, mental, sensory or emotional disabilities. It allows students the opportunity to experience control of a horse while sitting in a cart. The service provides a riding alternative for those who are unable to ride in a saddle due to weight, balance, fatigue, allergies, fear of heights, asthma, anxiety or are unable to sit astride.


Barn Buddies

In this class, kids aged 7-9 will learn how to groom horses, organize tack and grooming supplies, feed animals, play games, and learn basic horse information!


Farm Friends

This class is a beginner program to our advanced volunteer program. Kids will learn how to take care of a horse, more in depth horse facts and information, and how to lead a horse. Kids will also play games, and learn to safely feed the animals. Once this class is finished the kids will be able to volunteer for beginner events such as pony rides, horse holding, horse grooming and set up for tea parties, field trips, holiday events, and farm fun days.


Field Trips

Field trips are a great way for groups to bond in the outdoors while learning about horses and how we can use animals to bring healing to people. Children of all ages will get a hands on tour through our Dr. Seuss sensory trail and miniature barn, as well as get to meet our program horses. Field trips are catered to each school's needs and budgets.


Please contact us for more information on scheduling your first trip.


Advanced Lesson Volunteer

These training sessions are for people ages 13+ who want to help out at the farm with lessons and events. Participants will learn to perform a variety of skills including catching, grooming, and tacking up horses, how to lead a horse, side walking holds, horse safety, how to give basic instructions in lessons, and more.


New Client Orientation

Learn about the services you're interested in, create a schedule for your lessons, and fill out important paperwork.

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