Meet Our Therapy Animals



Breed: North American Spotted Draft

Age: 16 Years 

Color: Pinto

Buddy's Story: Buddy is a walking miracle for us here at Master’s.  Painful with crippling arthritis, he was sold with his brother, Charlie at auction from the farm where they were born.  From there, Buddy was separated from his brother and turned over to Georgia Draft Horse Rescue in hopes of sparing his life and providing needed medical care. Master’s prayerfully adopted him in 2018 with high hopes of providing for him and using him lightly, but his prognosis and suffering grew worse.  Working with vets and farriers did not seem to be changing his outcome, but as they continued to try, we continued to pray for him, even anointing him with oil as we asked God for healing. In the late summer of 2019, we eventually came to the conclusion that it was time to make decisions to end his suffering.  And then, one morning, he walked down the hill of his pasture with a smooth, hopeful stride. Within weeks, the vet was able to confirm that the treatment was working, and Buddy went to work. He is now one of our most valuable and loved therapy horses, and has become the symbol of our women’s ministry, MOSAIC, focusing on how God makes beauty out of broken lives.  We still hope that one day we will have the opportunity to reunite Buddy with his brother, Charlie.



Breed: Draft Cross

Age: 14-years-old

Color: Chestnut

Clyde's Story: Clyde is a 16.2 hand draft cross who was purchased from a salesman in North Carolina. He was previously used as a driving and trail horse before he was sold to a sale barn. Since being delivered to Master’s in 2020, Clyde has quickly become one of the new barn favorites with his puppy dog personality and willingness to please. He is now excelling in our vaulting and lesson program.



Registered Name: Squeak's Hickory Moon 

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 24 Years

Color: Sorrel

Hailey's Story: Hailey is part of the original Clegg Farm family of horses and has been owned by Makayla since she was 12-years-old. Trained in cutting as a young horse, Hailey struggled with fear in the show pen, but she was love at first sight for Makayla, who purchased her as a “flunky” at the Augusta Futurity Auction. Throughout her lifetime here, Hailey has been Makayla’s constant companion and anything but a flunky. During her career, she showed successfully in cutting, working cow, reining, ranch work, was an excellent parade mount and national champion in mounted drill. She was the first horse Makayla used for therapy and has been an outstanding mount for the Georgia Special Olympics.  Hailey is used in nearly every program here at Master’s Touch: Recreational Riding, Silver Spurs, Small Spurs, Drill Team and Western Riding.



Breed: Haflinger

Age: 20 Years

Color: Palomino

Trigger's Story: Trigger may possibly be the cutest little gentleman you will ever meet.  He has been a long-time family friend, even before he was generously donated to us by the Shellnutt Family.  Owned by one little girl, for most of his life, Trigger has done nearly every type of riding imaginable from ranch work to jumping and has quite the reputation as an excellent horse show mount in several counties.  Now that “his little girl,” Kayla, is riding for Auburn University, Trigger has settled in here at Master’s to share his skill, charm, and wisdom with every child who walks through our gates. He continues to be a favorite among everyone he meets and is featured in our Christmas Commercial on Facebook.  He is a hard worker in

every discipline offered here: Recreational Riding, Recreational Driving, Silver Spurs, Small Spurs, Drill Team, and Western Riding.



Breed: Haflinger

Age: 21 Years

Color: Gold Chestnut

Mitzi's Story: Mitzi is our extraordinarily sweet and charmingly sassy Haflinger mare.  This sturdy little mare is a beloved foundational member of the Clegg herd. Mitzi was purchased as an eight-year-old carriage horse from an Amish farm in Ohio by Makayla’s grandfather, Bill Clegg. Makayla’s favorite childhood memories with Mitzi retell bare-back rides across the farm and learning how to drive a carriage - which quickly became a treasured hobby shared with her grandfather, Bill.  Mitzi has

been driven for many events, including parades and weddings.

In her newest role as a therapy horse, her value is

unsurpassed as one of the most cherished animals we have

ever owned.



Registered Name: 

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 10 Years

Color: Bay

Banjo's Story: Banjo has been a wonderful addition to the Master's Touch family. Once a favored competitor with the University of Georgia Equestrian Team, Banjo (who they called Captain) sustained an injury that prevented him from continuing to do the heavy work needed in college competition. So blessed to receive this beautiful boy as a donation from the team in

2019, Master’s Touch uses him lightly in Western Riding and Drill Team. We have quickly come to understand why he was so cherished by the girls at UGA. He is truly a friend to all – loving his fur family as well as his humans.



Registered Name: FSF Memphis Classic

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 6 Years

Color: Dun

Memphis' Story: Memphis was purchased for Master’s Touch in late 2019, and is quickly becoming a beloved member of the Master’s Touch family.  Such a sweet girl, with plenty of personality, Master’s is already her fourth home in her short life. We pray this home will be hers forever. Memphis is currently working in Drill Team and Western Riding, but has potential

to do it all.



Breed: Quarter Horse Pony

Age: 11 Years

Color: Buckskin

Mickey's Story: Mickey was purchased for the Master’s Touch program as a diamond in the rough. He has not had many opportunities in his life time to sparkle, but since he joined us in 2018, he has quickly become a barn favorite. Mickey works in Small Spurs, Drill Team and Western Riding.


horses headshots.jpg

Breed: Paint Horse

Age: 11 Years

Color: Paint

Fancy's Story: Phoebe is a paint horse mare who was recently purchased as a new program horse. While we do not know a lot about her history, we do know that she has been passed from home to home and that neglect and abuse took place early on in her life. Phoebe is still in training to be a lesson and therapy horse, but we know that she is going to become one of the barn favorites. Please be kind to Phoebe and help her enjoy the attention from people.




Breed: Miniature Horse

Age: 13 Years

Color: Chocolate Palomino

Sebastian's Story: Sebastian was purchased by Master’s, in 2019,  after being rescued from an abusive home and rehabilitated by his previous owner. Sebastian has bloomed into a trusting and loving herd member during his short time at Master’s Touch and genuinely enjoys all the attention he receives here. He has already made several trips to schools, churches and assisted-living homes to offer his special therapeutic services, most of which are bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he meets.



Breed: Miniature Jerusalem Donkey

Age: 2 Years

Job: Professional Goat Guardian & Cuddle Bug

Dolly's Story: Dolly is both a therapeutic companion and herd guardian. Donkeys are excellent flock protectors, and she takes her job as goat-guardian seriously, in spite of her diminutive size. Most days, you will find her chasing her best friend Noah around the pasture, just for practice. She has already become a valued member of the Master’s Touch Outreach Program

through visits to festivals, schools, and assisted-living homes where she adores giving and getting attention from people of

all ages. She is a spunky little package with a great big heart.  

MT- Farm Animals-62.jpg


Breed: Great Pyrenees

Age: 2 Years

Job: Professional Goat Guardian

Noah's Story: Noah is a devoted guardian of our menagerie of miniature animals.  While still very much a beginner at just under one year old, Noah loves his job, loves people, loves his fur friends…Noah simply loves life.  You will often find him

sitting on the top of his tower surveying the land, but his favorite thing to do is zoom around the pastures with his best friend Dolly, the donkey.

MT- Farm Animals-201.jpg


Breed: Mix

Age: 4 Years

Job: Professional Client Greeter

Chewey's Story: Chewey is a rescue owned by the Clegg family. He calls Clegg Farm home, but his favorite part of the day is welcoming visitors to Master's Touch. His unbridled affection is free of charge. 



Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Age: 2 Years

Color: Buckskin

Dash's Story: Dash was donated by the Hooper family as a tiny baby and fostered by the Dial family until he was old enough to be brought to the farm. He considers his job to be toy tester, mountain climber, chief investigator and joy bringer. We really aren’t sure what life would be without him. He is definitely the “class clown” of the mini barn. Make sure your visits to the

farm include a little dash of Dash.



Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Age: 2 Years

Color: Brown & White

Woody's Story: Woody, with his beautiful blue eyes was an unexpected purchase in 2019.  A prankster in his own right, Woody’s job description would be eater of all things, and chief shoe-unlacer, but his favorite thing to do is play the windchimes.  You can catch his video on the Woodstock Chimes Facebook page.


The Bunnies

Names: Olaf, Mulan, Jasmine, Rory, & Lilo


Breeds: Holland Lop &  Lionhead

The Bunnies' Story: Our mini barn has a warren (that is the home to our herd of bunnies). Yes, a group of rabbits is called a herd. Who knew? They can also be called a colony or a fluffle. Fluffle is our favorite. We have a fluffle of five bunnies named Olaf, Mulan, Jasmine, Rory, and Lilo.  Visitors are welcome to drop by the warren and watch our fluffle of five furry friends have fun.

MT- Farm Animals-194.jpg


Breed: Barn Cat

Age: 14 Years

Job: Mouse Supervisor

Hunter's Story: Once the solitary barn guardian during the years when Makayla was in school, Hunter has become an extremely gregarious member of the Master's Touch team. He has even climbed in the saddle a few times himself.