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Sponsor a Therapy Animal

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an animal here at Master's Touch!

We know there are many choices when it comes to sponsorships and

we appreciate any amount, big or small.

We take pride in the fact that we do not over use our animals in our lesson and therapy program to provide them the best quality of life. However, it does mean that we have more animals and expenses than some of your typical lesson and therapy programs.

We need willing sponsors like you to help us continue to

provide the best for our animals.

Sponsorships can help cover the animals regular feed, hay, supplements and health care costs that they accumulate in a month, as well as emergency vet bills that may just help to save their lives.

Our animals are very important to our clients and have a large impact on their health and healing process while they are with us.

Many of the animals have stories of brokenness that are relatable to our students, which encourages them in their walk of life. When you sponsor an animal, you help to create more of these healing relationships.


We promise to keep you updated on how the animal are doing and how your investment is impacting the lives of others. We also encourage you to come out and enjoy visitations with the animals and see just how impactful your donations can be.

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